Native Cry

About Native Cry Outreach Alliance Inc.

Native Cry Outreach Alliance is an organization made up of dedicated Native, as well as Non-Native, Americans to support a single  and important cause. Native Cry is dedicated to suicide prevention awareness, helping survivors of suicide, and people who suffer a loss from suicide within the Native American community as well as other indigenous peoples around the world.

Native Cry Outreach Alliance continues to educate communities on the stigmas that surround suicide and conversations of suicide by using different types of multi-media, including but not limited to social media, for promotion and education.

Rayna Madero, Co-Founder / President will help design and deploy different media events and activities pertaining to indigenous communities.

Native Cry was founded in Yuma, Arizona and initially served the Quechan Indian Reservation. Although Native Cry does not provide services directly such as counseling or hotlines, NCOA does work closely with other organizations that provide these services.

Rayna Madero is a member of the Quechan tribe and she is also a survivor of suicide as well as domestic violence. She saw a need for learning positive coping skills after losing a close friend to treatable health issues and a niece to suicide within two years of each other. Rayna also has lost many more friends and family to violence, alcohol, and drug abuse.

Most of the funding for NCOA will be from federal and state grants, while some funding will be from generous donors, local businesses and tribal organizations. NCOA is a family established, non-profit that will be teaching and supporting positive family values, and each member and volunteer will be taught beneficial reinforcement skills and adhere to a family environment.


Rayna Madero / Executive Director