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Published on Jul 17, 2013

“Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, asking for help shows a sign of strength!” Among American Indian Alaska Native youth SUICIDE is the second leading cause of death in age 15-34. NativeCry is a Non-profit organization that wants to bring resources to help with this epidemic.

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Support the Native American Suicide Prevention Act

PLEASE HELP US!! Here is a link to the bill (1599):…

TRACK THIS BILL: H.R. 1599: Native American Suicide Prevention Act of 2013.…

“Young teens and adults on many reservations have no guidance on proper life skills due to a poverished environment. Adolescent children see abuse, drugs, alcohol and crime in multi-generations and are looking for a way out.

In our family, my wife had a teenage niece who committed suicide one year after giving her high school valedictorian speech.

My wife is 31 and has also seen cousins, and friends die because of alcohol and drugs. One year before her cousin committed suicide; a close friend passed away in our home at 27 years old from excessive eating, drinking, drug abuse, and prescription medication. This was all treatable and tied to depression.

She asked us for help, and we tried, but it was apparently too late and her body could take no more, and she died in her sleep.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health a 2007 a census shows that American Indian and Alaska Natives suicide rates were the highest of all nationalities at 14.3 per 100,000, and it is only getting higher.

My wife and I, this year started an organization called Native Cry Outreach Alliance ( and are looking forward to creating a physical environment where young Warriors can develop positive coping mechanisms. We are hoping to abolish suicide and slow death rates among these children.

We are not alone; most reservations are developing similar types of organizations to stop their children from dying also. Please help us by signing this petition to Congress:

And help us get this bill passed. Here is a link to the bill:…

–Armando Madero was created in honor of all fallen Young Native Americans as a call to action against preventable deaths due to alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide. We want to bring hope and increase positive feeling amongst young tribal people.

Rayna Palone Madero is the Co-Founder / President of Native Cry. She is a Quechan tribal member, saw a need for learning positive coping skills after losing her close friend to treatable health issues and her niece to suicide within two years of each other. Rayna also has lost many more friends and family to violence and alcohol / drug abuse.

Native Cry Outreach Alliance
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Here is a link to the bill (1599):…

TRACK THIS BILL: H.R. 1599: Native American Suicide Prevention Act of 2013.…

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